The Importance Of Color Grading Your Video

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Color grading (often called color correction) is an essential part of the movie making process. In the past, color grading was a process reserved for professional video production and Hollywood films. It had to be handled with specialized software and computers that weren't available to most casual filmmakers. Now, color grading can be done, literally, with the click of a button. This article explains how color grading LUTs (Look Up Tables) work, and when to apply them to make your video look more professional.

What is Color Grading?

Color grading, to put is is a simply as possible, is a process of adjusting the colors on video images. Color grading software allows the editor to adjust just one color in the spectrum. This enables the filmmaker to create the perfect colors in each clip. This is extremely important when editing together multiple clips. The colors can be graded across multiple clips so they look more uniform. You are going end up shooting a lot of footage on different days and with different lighting conditions, meshing all of these clips together is made much harder when the colors don't match. If every clip has different color grades, the edit won't look as cohesive. For instance, all of your greens can have the same hue. You can give your blue skies the same tint throughout your clips. Basically, it enables you great freedom in post production.

Using LUT Plugins

LUTs allow a color grader to batch process multiple clips to get your colors perfect and uniform. More specifically, a LUT allows you to visualize the color changes. You can use a LUTs to accurately adjust colors without just depending on your eyes. That is, you don't have to manually adjust your greens, for instance, on every single clip. LUTs allow you to be mathematic about it. You can copy an RGB code and use the same setting on the next clip.

Luckily, LUT plugins are now available in most video editing software. Both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier have LUTs that can be downloaded for free. Some cost money, but they are usually only needed for professional use. Using a LUT plugin is very convenient because you don't have to import your files and grade the colors on a separate program before sending them back to your video editing software.

Start color grading right now and your videos will look so much more professional. Contact a company, like Color Grading Central, for more help.